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Welcome to my portfolio page! I am an enthusiastic web developer based in Bonn, with a wealth of experience in various fields. My journey as a web developer began when I decided to create a website for my music label. Fast forward four years later, and I have successfully launched multiple websites and worked as a software developer for a reputable Bonn-based company. On this page, I am excited to share some insights into my work with you.

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Skills 💪

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One of my greatest strengths is my ability to learn new technologies and concepts quickly and independently. After teaching myself the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL, I completed a one-year certificate course to become a professional web developer. During the course, I gained expertise in React, Next.js, Node.js, and MongoDB. Later, I worked as a software developer and honed my skills with C#, .NET, ASP.NET and Blazor WASM. In my free time I created a self-hosted blog using Nginx, Next.js 13 ISR (TypeScript), Node.js, and MongoDB. Currently I extend my Cyber Security skills by learning everything about Pentesting.


  • HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap
  • React, Next.js, Vue.js, Nuxt
  • JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Redux
  • Blazor WASM, ASP.NET

Backend, Databases

  • Node.js, Express, JWT
  • C#, .NET
  • PHP
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL

Bonus Knowledge

  • Nginx, SSL
  • SPA & MPA
  • Web Security
  • SEO

Projects 🤴

Since 2019, I have been involved in several web projects, including live websites, private password-protected ones, and some training exercises to enhance my web development skills. Below is a list of some example projects with additional information.

Offensive Security: Pentesting

2023 - present

  • Goals: Enhance my programming skills by playing's "Capture the Flag" challenges to adopt the mindset of an intruder.
  • Technologies: Kali, Nmap, Netcat, Gobuster, SMB, BurpSuite, John the Ripper, AWS S3, FTP, SSH, SQL and no-SQL DBs, and many more.
  • Difficulties: To identify and exploit misconfigured or vulnerable sections of a target system, aiming to capture the flag(s) associated with each machine.

Project takeaways:

  • Offensive Security: Use my new pentesting skills to test and make my own projects more secure
  • Kali Linux: Utilize the different pentesting tools that come preinstalled with Kali
  • My Blog: Make perfect use of my self hosted blog and document important learnings there

2022 - 2024

  • Goals: To create a blog, design and implement a user-friendly interface with a database. Set up a web server for hosting and build a release pipeline for efficient deployment. Test thoroughly for reliability and security. Improve SEO.
  • Technologies: Next.js 13 ISR, Scss, Node.js, Express, Mongoose, JWT, MongoDB, Nginx, Certbot SSL, GitHub, Google Search Console.
  • Difficulties: Solving CORS issues when fetching POST and PATCH requests.

Project takeaways:

  • SSR/ISR: Implement Incremental Static Regeneration for SSR
  • Nginx: Set up a self hosted Nginx reverse proxy with SSL and Node.js
  • DevOps CI/CD: Build a release pipeline with GitHub Actions (Test and Live)
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Business Application

2021 - 2022

  • Goals: Create a user-friendly business application for a public administration body that includes necessary features and adheres to regulations. Test thoroughly and consider integration with other software for increased efficiency.
  • Technologies: Blazor WebAssembly, C#, .NET, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Telerik, SQL, GitLab.
  • Difficulties: As a JavaScript developer working with C#/.NET, using the Telerik Document Processing library for .pdf exports can be challenging. Learn the syntax and structure of C#/.NET and the library, review documentation, experiment with code configurations, and thoroughly test to achieve the desired output.

Project takeaways:

  • C#: Develop a full stack application with C#, .NET, Blazor WASM, SQL
  • Telerik: Use libraries for various tasks like grids and document processing
  • Business setting: Working in a professional context on a customer project

Crypto Tax App


  • Goals: To create a tax calculation app for crypto trading, develop software that accurately calculates tax liabilities, imports data from exchanges, generates reports, and stays up-to-date with tax laws.
  • Technologies: Next.js, Scss, Node.js, external crypto API, external fiat API, MongoDB.
  • Difficulties: Create a reliable algorithm for calculating gains/losses under German tax laws by researching regulations, considering trade details, and testing for accuracy.

Project takeaways:

  • JavaScript: Create a complex algorithm to calculate taxes
  • Full stack: Create a working application with Next.js, Node.js and MongoDB
  • APIs: Use external APIs efficiently to save bandwidth and improve performance

Image Sharing Website

2020 - present

  • Goals: To share images with family members, create a password-protected website with image uploads and share the access only with trusted family members and friends.
  • Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, Scss, MySQL
  • Difficulties: Make the website hard to find, only accessible by login and secure uploaded images so they can only be loaded from the website itself.

Project takeaways:

  • CRUD: Create, read, update and delete content in a MySQL database with PHP
  • Nginx: Configure the server to protect sensitive data reliably
  • Performance: Deliver a significant number of images quick and efficiently

2019 - present

  • Goals: To showcase Be Sure music label releases, create a visually appealing website with user-friendly features, optimize it for mobile and desktop devices, integrate social media sharing buttons, and keep it regularly updated with new releases and information. Improve SEO.
  • Technologies: Next.js 13 static export, Scss
  • Difficulties: Creating a fully working static export to host the Next.js project on a non Node.js web hosting service and setting up Nginx configurations by only using the .htaccess file.

Project takeaways:

  • Basics: Learn HTML, CSS/SCSS, and JavaScript to excel in frontend development
  • Refactoring: Refactor the website from static HTML (2019) to React (2021) to Next.js (2022)
  • SEO: Improve website speed, minimize load times, and optimize images
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Contact 💌

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